August 29, 2017

Watch Zane Sensei practice throwing shuriken.

August 24, 2017

Tameshigiri (test cut) 試し斬り, 試し切り, 試斬, 試切

This unique style of tameshigiri or test cutting in English is a special way to test your taijutsu.


Get close to the tape (check your kamae) is your lead foot facing forward? Then hold the blade in an upright position...

August 23, 2017

Toshitsugu (Chosui) Takamatsu was born on 10 March 1889 (the 23rd year of Meiji) in Akashi, Hyōgo Prefecture.[4] Also known as Mōko no Tora (蒙古の虎 Mongolian Tiger), he is attributed as a martial arts master by members of the Bujinkan organization.[5] Hatsumi reports tha...

August 23, 2017

Japanese Kunai, the Ninja Kunai or Ninja weapons

August 16, 2017

We start out our martial arts journey striving to learn every technique or form possible. Most arts base your skill on how many techniques you can recall,

and in fact this usually plays a main part in determining promotion towards the next rank. 

In our mid yea...

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