The Seattle Budokan - Heading to Japan April 7th - 23rd, 2019

January 22, 2019

We are heading to Japan in April, 2019 for 2 weeks. If you are interested in going please contact us.


  • Day 1 April 8th - Tokyo (Monday) We will
    Check in our Hotel in Kashiwa and Relax and Go to dinner. (Yakiniku)  - Monday Night 


  • Day 2 April 9th - Tokyo (Tuesday) We will head to the Honbu Dojo (main martial arts school for Ninjutsu) for 2 hrs of training (7 - 9pm) with Masaaki Hatsumi Sensei.  - (Godan TEST!)


  • Day 3 April 10th - Kyoto (Wednesday) We will travel to kyoto in the morning on the Shinkansen (Viewing the Cherry Blossoms at Lake Biwa) Boat Tour


  • Day 4 - April 11th - Kyoto (Thursday) (Matt Packing his office)
    other members sightseeing in Kyoto (Silver Temple/Kyomizudera/Martial Arts Store)
    Dinner With Bill N.


  • Day 5 - April 12th -  Kyoto (Friday) (Matt Packing his office until 12:00pm)
    Travel - Shinkansen Back to Tokyo - Check in Hotel


  • Day 6 - April 13th - Tokyo (Saturday) We will be training for approx. 10 hrs with Sakuma, Sakai, Hosoda Sensei and a few others. (Purchase paper for Soke to write calligraphy) Have Soke write on our books


  • Day 7 - April 14th - Noda  (Sunday) Honbu Dojo (Lunch at Hana) 3pm - Hatsumi Sensei's office for promotions  (Godan TEST!)


  • Day 8 - April 15th - Tokyo (Monday) Sightseeing in Tokyo (Monday)


  • Day 9 - April 16th - Noda (Tuesday) - Hatsumi Sensei's Class (TEST! if needed) (Tuesday)


  • Day 10 - April 17th - Tokyo (Wednesday)


  • Day 11 - April 18th - Tokyo (Thursday)


  • Day 10 - April 19th - Noda (Friday)




(More info coming soon!)








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