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Here is How to join the Seattle Budokan - Bujinkan Dojo

Follow these steps to register for a free trial Lesson and to Join

Step 1

 Give us a call at:


(we will provide an access code to book your trial lesson)


Step 2

Use our online booking system to reserve your trial lesson. Please make sure that you book it and don't just show up to one of our classes.

Step 3

Go to your reserved lesson. Please remember to read through the student handbook before attending class and print/fill out the waiver form completely and give it to your instructor.  We suggest you arrive about 15 min before class starts.

After the lesson continue here

Step 4

Give us a call back and let's discuss how things went. If it's a good fit for both we will invite you to join.

Step  5

Complete and online joining pack in our shop here.

Step 6

Purchase a black training uniform or often referred to as a dogi. 


Student Discount

We offer high school and college students the opportunity to train at 50% off the standard monthly rate. Also, ask us about our Train For Free program!

call for more details:

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Aikido Eastside 13410 SE 32nd St., Bellevue, WA 98005, USA

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