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We now offer a traditional bokken of solid Brazilian Ipe hardwood measuring 42" (106 cm) and approximately 1" (2.5) in thickness. This is a special bokken design and was traced (with permission) from a model at the Bujinkan Hombu dojo (from the Big Man himself, no less). Ipe is often referred to as the "steel of hardwoods" and has one of the highest ratings on the janka scale (3680). It is heavy, durable and perfect for a functional training tool that will last a lifetime. Our bokken has been cut from solid stock, hand-shaped and then sanded to a smooth finish before giving it several coats of Tung Oil. The weight is very good for a training bokken. As with all of our traditional weapons, your bokken can be custom engraved for an extra fee.

Ipe Hombu Bokken

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