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This lovely, traditional style katana kake has been crafted from pieces of locally-sourced Bigleaf Maple from Washington State. This is considered a "soft maple," although it still qualifies as a hardwood and is suitably dense - something you will not find in cedar, hemlock or pine. I can also make these stands out of oak, hickory, walnut or other domestic woods, but prefer not to use exotic hardwoods due to the amount of miling and waste that goes into making the stand. Each part to the stand has been hand-milled, hand-cut and meticulously sanded to bring out the unique features of maple grain. The parts are glued and pinned together with matching, hand-cut dowel. I finish these with urethane so they will resist soiling, weathering and everyday wear. Upon request, we can apply black lacquer if you prefer a more traditional finish.

Katana Kake - Katana / Bokken stand

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