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Special Promotions Event - Daishihan/ Special Announcement

February 24, 2018


Greetings Budo-ka!


As many of you have heard, Matt Sensei was recently promoted by Soke to Dai-Shihan (“high shihan”, or “teacher of masters”). In the Washington/British Columbia area he is now considered the authority in the Bujinkan. In celebration of this epic achievement, let’s party! Saturday the 24th, we’ll have another potluck-style banquet at the dojo. Food… drinks… and some combat simulation team games. We’ll have some streaming UFC action to watch while we eat, as well as a raffle for a new Hatsumi painting to support the mat fund (the painting will be available for viewing in the dojo next week).


Come join us at 5pm, drinks available at 6pm. We have another massive announcement, of sufficient significance that we ask all students to attend. Please be there, and bring your gi!



Your Friendly Neighborhood Yudansha


PS- Please confirm your attendance with Sam by 2/19. Uwajimaya is the go-to place if you don’t know what to bring!

* Only members of the Seattle/Olympia Budokan will be allowed to join this event. If you are not a member and would like to attend please contact us at

Sign up list:

Matt - Oden and Japanese Beer

Bonenkai "End of Year Party" / Matt's Birthday Party - December 9th (Saturday)

December 08, 2017


Our annual Bonenkai (end of year dojo party) is coming up on December 9th! Bonenkai (忘年会) can be loosely translated as “forget the year gathering.” This type of party is traditionally held among co-workers or friends and is a chance for everyone to gather, socialize in a friendly atmosphere, and forget the troubles or worries of the past year. In Japan these parties are often marked by imbibing copious amounts of alcohol.


This year’s event will be held at the Bellevue dojo and will also give us a chance to celebrate Keiser sensei’s birthday. As with past events, the party will be potluck with Japanese or Asian food as the theme. Plan on bringing one dish or beverage to share with your fellow buyu. As we start to receive replies, a running tab will be kept here with details of who will be bringing what. If you get stuck at the last minute or have trouble coming up with a dish to bring, Uwajimaya is an excellent source for both freshly prepared and prepackaged Japanese food and beverages and is only a couple miles away from the dojo.


This will be a purely fun event and, although attendance is not mandatory, we would like to encourage everyone to come. Part of this year’s event will be a year end student review – this is not a test, but more a review of your progress by the Instructors.


The start time for this event will be 4:00 PM.


As part of the entertainment portion of this event, we would like to invite everyone to bring your favorite brief (approx. five minute) fight scene from a martial arts-related action film. If you can provide us with a DVD, video file on USB thumb drive, or a YouTube link, the scenes will be shown back-to-back as we sit and enjoy our food and drink.


As a back-up there may be an opportunity to do some training, so as always if you want to train please bring your gi along.


We ask that you please RSVP for this event and include a note about what type of food or drink you want to contribute. 

October Festival, Bellevue College,

October 06, 2017


More info coming soon!

Dojo Party - August 2017

August 26, 2017

Free for students - Just Bring a Dish

Dojo Party

Type of party: potluck (Asian food)

1 hr of training (Bring your Gi)

Location: Bellevue dojo

Date/Time: Saturday, August 26th 4pm - until the sake is gone! 


*please reserve via email ASAP and list what you are planning on bringing.


Name and Item:

Matt - Japanese Sake

Zane Sensei - ?

Sam Sensei - Rice/Meat dishes

Casey - Taco-san Weiner's

Anthony - Inarizushi

Charlie - grilled pork/finger food

Jordan - California rolls (not dive rolls please!)

Keith - Treats from Uwajimaya

Vu - Appetizer

John - Japanese Beer

Eric - Japanese Dessert - Wagashi

Cliff - Dessert 


May 06, 2016

$50 for Both Days / $20 for Dinner Party

Greetings Martial Artists,

The Seattle Budokan cordially invites you to join us during a two-day Ninjutsu seminar Saturday, May 7th and Sunday, May 8th at the Seattle Budokan in Bellevue WA. There will be training both days and a dinner Sunday night. Please see below for details on our special guest Shihan who will be instructing and training with us, as well as more details on the seminar itself. We hope to see you there!

Shihan Ed Martin aka Papa-san is a long time student and master teacher of the Bujinkan Dojo system founded by Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi Soke Ph.D. Ed received the Bujinkan Golden Dragon medal, the Bujinkan’s highest award, in recognition of his self-defense videos.

Papa-san, Ed Martin , is one of a handful of senior teachers carrying on the tradition of Ninjutsu in the world today. At 15th Dan he is the highest rank achievable under Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi. He is the author of many books and DVD's on locks, chokes, cane, self-defense, Chi-Kung, Ojii Jutsu, and knife/weapon self-defense. He travels, conducting seminars and tests for teachers and students of Budo Taijutsu, and still welcomes visitors in his own home in Pennsylvania. He is a senior master in the Bujinkan and a respected warrior who lives with humor, simplicity, and compassion. We are honored to host this event and thankful for Ed’s continuing contributions!

Shihan Matt Keiser is the Seattle Budokan Director, and has resided in Japan for more than 15 years, training and transmitting the Bujinkan arts. Matt is a 10th Dan under Dr. Hatsumi and specializes in simplifying techniques for street applications, weapons training, and a focus on using the kukan (space) between attacker and defender coupled with using the body as a whole. 

The Seattle Budokan will be hosting a two-day seminar with Shihan Martin, and Shihan Matt Keiser. All levels and styles of martial arts welcome for the “Tighten your Taijutsu” seminar focusing on taking what you already know and making it better. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience martial arts taught by these respected instructors.

Cost: $50 Dollars for both days

Time: Saturday May 7th 3PM-7PM and Sunday May 8th 10AM-12PM (lunch break) 1:30-5PM 


6PM Dinner Party including traditional Japanese food. 


$20 per person includes drink and dinner. 


Only prepaid students will be allowed to attend. 


Location: Seattle Budokan ( for directions)


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