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Tips for Traveling to Japan (Honbu Dojo)

Great Places to train in addition to Soke's class.

All Instructors are 15th Dan

Featured Dojo

Bujinkan Videos

Bujinkan Videos

Daishihan Sakuma Sensei

Daishihan Yukiyoshi Sakuma

Kasukabe Sakuma Dojo

〒344-0051 Kasukabeshi 1672

Tel: +81 90-3103-7681

Other Great Instructors in Japan 

Japanese Daishihan

Western Daishihan

  • Sakuma Sensei Dojo

  • Hosoda Sensei Dojo

  • Sakai Sensei

  • Furuta Sensei (Honbu Dojo)

  • Sakasai Sensei (Honbu Dojo)

Fly Delta Airlines

The Flight

I usually fly Delta Airlines from Seattle using their direct flight and upgraded seating Delta Comfort plus. Comfort plus allows for people like me 6'1" and over to comfortably travel with extra legroom and a more comfortable chair.

Suica digital wallet

Suica Card

At Narit Airport you can purchase a SUICA card. This is the easiest way to travel around the Tokyo Metro area. If you don't have one of these cards you will be inconvenienced by not knowing the appropriate fares and will end up with a chunk of change always in your pocket. You can also purchase from most convenience stores. Load this digital pass with about ¥5,000 and away you go! 

Narita Sky Access Express

Narita Sky Access

From Narita to Kasiwa Station is a little under and hour about 50 min. BE CAREFUL not to take the wrong train, or board one with reserved seating.

Kashiwa Station (Chiba)

First Stop Kashiwa

From Kashiwa Station you can take the Tobu Noda line to Atago about a (36min) ride.

The Hub Kashiwa


There are many bars and pubs to go and eat at after training. We will be updating a list here little by little.

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