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Teaching - Predictable V.S. Un Predictable

Predictable teaching is a stylistic way of teaching that builds a relationship between teacher (sensei) and student (deshi) and one that the student can relate to and understand basic concepts deeply.

This relationship builds an understanding, comfort and trust. However, if everything is predictable it will become mundane and unattracive . We must have the Yin with the Yang. The Yang is the pepper and the Yin is the salt...perfectly balanced, Black and White. Soke once told me (us in class) that too much of anything is bad. His lesson have the perfect balance.

Soke's Un-Predictable lessons, charisma, mysticism and un copyable technique are what keep us on our toes. He fascinates us with his philosophy and love for mankind. Our school follows Soke's way... ask our students!

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